Alan IngramAlan lives in Greenwood, Indiana, where he discovered his

passion for the arts. He pursued a music degree at Indiana

University before realizing that photography was his niche.

Alan found that his experiences in music easily translated into

photography – he seeks to create harmony and balance with

each image he shoots, while adding an element of fun. Alan is

passionate about using his talents as a photographer to create

vibrant images of people actively enjoying the environment,

particularly with active lifestyle scenes. His images are a unique blend of moving imagery

and dramatic style. Alan believes that it is vital to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

These ideas are further reinforced by the beliefs and experiences of his wife, Jen a Minnesota native who

spent 7 years in Idaho and Utah before joining Alan in Indiana.


Alan and Jen enjoy sharing time with their 7 year-old daughter and 4 year-old son, Adia and Carson,

when they aren’t shooting.